Wednesday, September 9, 2009

And we're back...!

Back to work, back to cooking/cleaning, and back from our getaway to Napa!

Mr. Woo and I had planned for this long weekend to be Family Time. But after learning that a bachelorette party would be held for 2 days in Napa, we relocated to the vineyards so I could at least make it to the celebratory dinner.

We waited until Saturday to book a last-minute special (there's a frugalista tip for you) at La Belle Epoque. Since we had made our previous semi-local getaway to a Bed & Breakfast, we had high expectations. Sunday after church, we headed out to help Napa's economy. Upon arrival, we found a cute and lavishly decorated room that was very spacious, secluded, and playing classical music from the radio. It was in the "basement" of the house and next to the wine cellar, which we were also free to use outside of the Wine Tasting Hour in the evening. The wi-fi didn't work down there, only 4 mini (but scrumptious) cookies (as far as I could taste) lay waiting for us, and the owners were nowhere in sight. Otherwise, the cable was working, we located the movies in the house, had ample drinks in the mini fridge, and found many places to be walking distance. (I also appreciated their humor.)

I milked the cable TV (yay, Food Network!), was startled when the jets in the tub started blowing air while I was still in it (I think it was to dry off the tub... pretty cool, but scared me like no other - think "The Clown"), enjoyed the amenities and cottage-like feel to the place, and had a relaxing time away from work.

And what's a B&B without breakfast? The next morning, we found a oversized basket out in front of the room with breakfast, coffee, and juice.

After we checked out, he headed off to a wine tasting salon to learn about this practice. Then it was to St. Supery, a vineyard north of La Belle Epoque. We opted for this route because it was a self-paced tour and free of charge. We watched the grape crushing process in the back and even tasted some of the grapes that would later become wine. Some were sweet; others were sour.

"A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit." - Matthew 7:18

Doesn't this one look like he's going to pull out a carton of orange juice (a la the commerical)?

Spending time with Mr. Woo and not feeling the need to constantly check e-mail or brainstorm ideas for more effective teaching was wonderful. Another part of the trip that made me happy was the perfectly lined rows of trees/vines. It made me happier than seeing pencils set parallel to sheets of paper!

With these happy thoughts I leave you with. Happy labor(-free) day!


Estera said...

convo we had regarding you leaving cyrus for dinner

sara: jane is leaving her husband this wkend
one of the oh sisters: WHAT! WHY? DIDN'T THEY JUST GET MARRIED???
sara: WHAT? NO! she's leaving him for an hr to have dinner with us..


glad you had a good wkend :)

dan tsai said...

ahhahaha estera. that's hilarious
sounds like you guys have a new hobby. B&B

Hannah said...

ooooo! I've never been to a B&B. Your pictures have made it looks so relaxing and enjoyable. :D

Christine said...

ive already read this post. need new updates. see i commented! :P